-= EVO - Evolution =- ™

EVO - Evolution is a Starcraft 2 Arcade game created by Zeteo which is focused around players and AIs fighting each other, eating food, and upgrading your hero to be the survivor.

Game Patch Notes

v0.891 March 9,2014

Food bonuses should no longer jump by 3's in some cases

Food should no longer move super fast when roared at(food still moves)

Players should no longer be "forced" into switching weapons from melee to range upon death/evolving

A button for Zeteo's youtube account with tutorials has been added

Squishy coating now grants +30 shields from 50+, but recieves +75% damage from melee, -75% from ranged(from +50% and -50%)

Equishy coating requirements slightly changed

Energy shield requirement reduced slightly

Energy shield should no longer be removed when added

Vamp no longer gives +move speed, degeneration rate is now -0.31 from -0.29, and negative sight range decreased from -0.35 to -0.15

Ability requirements have been raised/lowered so you don't get a bunch at the same time

Constant regeneration now allows you to have the "stopped" behavior which grants +sight range while stopped